Most people order their writings by chronological date. It’s not clear why. This order reflects how much I like the article and how hard I worked on it.   


TechCrunch:  How Startups Should Use Behavioral Economics. December 7, 2015

Stanford Social Innovation Review:  Choosing Nurture, Not Nature, to Improve Financial Decision-Making in America. April 13, 2017


Next Billion: FinTech’s Elephant Seal Problem. March 14, 2017


Next Billion: The Impact of Inconsistency: Uncovering the Hidden Cost of Variable Work Schedules. October 30, 2018


TechCrunch: Payday Startups Are Increase Access to Wages, but is “Make Anyday Payday the Right Choice? September 3, 2018


Behavioral Scientist: Hourly Employees Need Reliable Schedules. Can Behavioral Science Help Companies Deliver? March 5, 2018


American Banker: Savings Accounts Need an Overhaul. May 25, 2018


Scientific American: This 1 Weird Trick Can Help People Grow Their Savings. June 7, 2016

Scientific American: The Deadline Made Me Do It. November 9, 2016


Next Billion:  Control Vs. Ease Of Use: Low-Income Customers Weigh In On Financial Services. August 2017.


Scientific American:  Three Ways to Save More on Tax Day. April 11, 2017

Scientific American:  Let’s Make Tax Day a Month Earlier.  April 13, 2017.  

Medium:  People Prefer Gifts That Are Unexpected. Dec 22, 2015

Investment News:  How 401k Advisors Can Create Effective Financial Wellness Programs. May 21, 2017

Paybefore:  How to Grow Prepaid  Through Financial
Well Being. April 27, 2017

The Gift Giving Mistake Not To Make. December 2013.


Forbes: The best way to stress less about money. September 2017. 


MoneyTips: Six Simple Steps to a Solid Money Foundation. August 10, 2018


CFO Tech Outlook: Seven Ways Behavioral Science Can Improve Customer Financial Health. August 2018


HR Daily Advisor (1 of 2): HR Teams Power Transform America’s Financial Health. June 19, 2018


HR Daily Advisor (2 of 2): HR Can Transform Employee Financial Wellness. June 20, 2018



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