I co-founded Common Cents Lab, a group based out of Duke, that is mandated to improve the financial well being for low to middle Americans through applying behavioral science insights. Check out our Annual Report and our nice coverage from BloomBerg

I am the co-founder of Irrational Labs and behavioral economics expert with a deep passion for understanding why people behave the way they do and then building solutions that make lives better. Irrational Labs has worked with companies like Fidelity, Netflix, Lyft and disruptive startups and non-profits to design and implement behavioral economics solutions to their customer and business problems. Check out our 3B framework we have used with companies and orgs like FaceBook and the World Bank. 

I helped launch and lead the first behavioral economics group at Google, growing it from one person to 6 in 2015 and supporting over 30 teams and 50+ projects.  

In an attempt to disseminate the behavioral research, Dan Ariely, Jason Hreha and I authored
Hacking Human Nature for Good, a practical guide to changing behavior, written for product people.  This guide is actively used at Google within their product and marketing teams. 

In addition, I am the advisor at Loop Commerce, Code for America Accelerator, Singularity and Gener8tor Incubator. I lead workshops and speak at organizations like Equifax, Fidelity, NerdWallet, Stanford and our own StartupOnomics, a global behavioral economics conference.

Kristen Berman